Submission isn’t about pain. It is about training your mind, surrendering control and trusting 

Tame me. Break me. Tie me down. Pick me up. Caress me. Make me beg. Make me beg harder. Use me. Tease me. Show me no mercy. Show me I’m yours. Make me obedient. Break my boundaries. Hear my whimpers. Show me who’s Boss. Punish me, I’ve been bad. I can call you master and you can call me yours.


I’ve learned through the past sexual liaisons that I quite enjoy so many components of erotic submission. You may notice that sometimes I am a Domme but just as well I can be very submissive. We call this being a Switch. I revel in taking the reigns just as much as I enjoy letting go of them. As much as I enjoy being a switch and giving in to my submissive side, this is something I am not willing to do with someone I am not familiar with. Letting go like this makes me exposed and before I can fully submit I need to trust that the person I am submitting to will be respectful of both my boundaries and me. I find it easier for me to fully give in to my submissive side when I’m confronted with a man that knows exactly what he wants. He’s not pushy but his demeanour is enough to show me that he’s in charge. Be gentle with me, I'm more delicate than I look. If you have a taste for this sweet perversion, why not let me fulfil your desires and make me submit to you?

A few submissive scenarios I enjoy


Bondage/ Tie & Tease




Nipple Play



Daddy/Little Girl

Shall we play?

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