A heady elixir of sweet innocence and untamed deviousness. 


Hello gentlemen and gentlewomen, I am so happy you found me. Call it fate or just good old great decision making on your part, but something has brought you here and whatever it may be I am glad it has taken us one step closer to being together. 

I'm Ambrosia, a British born girl who speaks fluent English. I am a sweet, young and curvy chocolate skinned beauty with a soft feminine voice that is both mellifluous and seductive. I have been told that I have a playful mix of innocence and wicked naughtiness. I'm a lover of deep french kissing, oral (both receiving and giving) and also massaging. I enjoy exploring my sexuality and at the mention of adventure my legs quiver and my stomach does small little flips. I am the sort of girl that will give you a sweet shy kiss but in the same breath, wrap my full lips around your cock until I make you cum in ecstasy. With me you can expect a lady who is sophisticated enough to take to dinner but is also down right naughty behind closed doors. Let me be your fun and tactile girlfriend that will put you at ease as we relax talking on the sofa or cuddled in bed. I will make you feel comfortable and forget all your worries. As a playful, easy going girl, I find that I get along with pretty much everyone. I love laughter, great sex and male company. If I can have all three of those things at the same time, I'll consider myself a lucky girl. 

I enjoy the company of a man who values a woman with curves or a man who is intrigued to find out the exotic tastes of an ebony lady. My tight sensuous curves will have your toes curling and your hands eagerly caressing my body while I fulfil every illicit desire you have.

I am a smart passionate woman so be ready to meet someone with an open, tantalising and intelligent personality. 

Your unrivalled diversion,

Ambrosia x


Location: London predominantly

Nationality: Black British

Age: 24

Height: 5'5

Body Type: Hourglass, Curvy

Eyes: Brown

Style: Unintentionally Intentionally sexy

Smoker: No

Drinker: Socially

    My Passions

Travelling: I love to travel and experience new things and cultures. I want to visit, Italy, Singapore, The Maldives, Hawaii, Tokoyo, Sweden, Iceland, South Africa, Australia, China.


Cuisine: A well-cooked meal can bring me to the brink of an orgasm, it’s that well received. Although I love Thai and Moroccan cuisine, I do encourage myself to try new foods and flavours.


Music: I have an old soul and I mostly listen to 70s - 90s music when music made you feel things. Fleetwood Mac gets an honourable mention. On occasion, I listen to jazz and current pop music too.


Hobbies: Would you consider consuming tea 8 -10 times a day a hobby? If so, that’s my favourite hobby. Hiking, Writing, Reading, Drawing, Swimming, Hot Yoga and Pilates are a few activities I quite enjoy. I play the piano and a little of the harp but both badly. 

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